Hello and welcome to Gorilla Debug. You are here probably because you like to know more about this product and hopefully download and use it.

Well, this is a simple tool that helps programmers with the development of WordPress themes and plugins. It has three main features (so far)!

Using this plugin, you can update wp-config.php by setting the PHP named constants used for WordPress debugging via a simple UI. Those named constants are WP_DEBUG, WP_DEBUG_LOG, WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY, SCRIPT_DEBUG, and SAVEQUERIES.

This plugin also allows you to view and edit the debug.log file from within the WP Admin panel, without the need to access the the file directly through the file system.

Moreover, this plugin introduces a debugging function, gorilla_debug(), that allows you to output debugging messages to either the display or the debug.log file.

This plugin is intended for development purposes only. You can also use this plugin if you need to debug an issue in a production environment. It is recommended that you disable the debugging options or the plugin altogether after resolving those issues in said live environement.

For support and documentation on how to use, click here…